Same Question Again!

Aug 6, 2007

Cheong : How's your wedding planning?
Me : Nothing. Please do not ask me. I don't know!
Gladys : I told you that let the "accident" happened. Then he has no reason to say "No!"
Me : Please la. I don't do all this.
Chloe : Ya lor. Better not. No point forcing. It does not bring any happiness to both parties.
Me: Hmmm.... I agreed with Chloe.

Yo...... Why can't they stop haunting me with this question? I am fade up with it. I understand that they are being concerned, but in my heart, I do feel irritated!

I have made myself very clear to them that their concerns do pressurized me in some ways & I was an unhappy person at one time, especially during the period that I discovered I have endometriosis. Till recently, I decided to empty my mind from this question.

Do they think that it is the end of the story once a couple is married? Do they think that they are a much happier person once they are married? When they were argued, why do they think of divorce? Isn't it supposed to be as the marrige's vow that the husband & wife should take good care of each other?

Anyway, BB & I are happy with our current situation now. When we feel like going for holidays, we'll just pack & go! We make fun of each other very often, especially during our past 1-week holidays. So I promise that I will announce my big day once it is confirmed. If possible, I seek your understanding to stop asking this question from now on. Thanks buddies!


Mummy to QiQi said...

LiLi, thanks for visiting my site. Am surprise that u also have a blog. Din even tell me about it....haha....I thought u know when i created mine. We started about the same time too. Will make a link to you :)