The Trouble With Marriage

Mar 9, 2008

I stopped by Popular bookstore the other day. Initially, I thought of getting some bedroom design magazines. Then this book cover page caught my attention. "What happens after the 'happy ever afters'?

Since I'm legally married & I wanna have a in-depth understanding in this topic, I immediately grabbed this book from the counter. Frankly speaking, relationship is an art & is a never ending learning process. I learned a lot from John Gray 3 years ago. The great news is our relationship is the super duper one. Haha... I don't deny that we have disagreement sometimes but we both handle it well.

Guess with this book, I can learn even more from Debby Holt. Bye now.... I'm going to enjoy my marriage! Do you?


Wawa said...

i just grab this book yesterday, and yet to read it.


precious said...

HI Steph, another highly recommended book is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

I don't have the book though otherwise will lend it to you. But I've heard a lot of my friends rave about it.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Cheng Leng, thanks. I will get it once I finished this book. Haha.. wonder how long will I take to finish it. :)

Lovely Mummy said...

hihi...a tag for u at

hope u like it :)