Happy Birthday!

Mar 17, 2008

There were 4 birthday celebration in past 3 months. I have decided to consolidate these 4 lovely celebrations in a slide presentation.
  1. Mum's birthday (3-Jan) : We have a small party at home. I bought a cake for mum. We also surprised her with a bangle. She was happy but as usual, she told us that we should not waste money buying present for her.
  2. Brother's birthday (23-Jan) : This the most simplest celebration. He has told us not to buy him any cake. As a remembrance, Ee Ting & I bought him a bottle of Issey Miyake's perfume.
  3. Dad's birthday (24-Jan) : Dad's birthday fall on my registration day. However, we were busy & we have postponed his celebration to the next day. We went to Golden Mansion Restaurant for dinner & we invited Grandma along too. After the dinner, we went back home for another birthday celebration. I bought the fruit flam from Italy bakery. Kai Jun was excited with this cake when he saw his favorites strawberries on it. They bought for dad a teapot. Brother & I given Dad an 'ang pao' on his birthday already.
  4. Pa's birthday (15-Mar) : Hubby B is a shoes lover, so he will always suggest to buy a pair of running shoes for Pa. We got it from Nike. The design is simple but the color is a flaming red. Pa will definitely look 20 years younger with this pair of running shoes. I ordered a Bailey Cheese Cake from Asian Havana. As described by Jason, this pure cheese cake really melted in your mouth. After having the yummylicious chicken rice, I brought the birthday cake out. Everyone enjoyed the cakes very much. However, Ma & Suzana didn't seem to like it very much because they are not a cake lover. :p
Happy Birthday Everyone!


Hasbullah Pit said...

Happy birthday MB perak

Zooropa said...

Happy Birthday to all of them from Dora & hubby! BTW, a music tag for you. Check it out! Cheers...


Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Thanks for ur wishes & ur lovely music tag.

DiaHarris said...

happy birthday suma orang..