Pai Tien Kong

Feb 15, 2008

Mum made this "Kuih Ang Ku" yesterday morning. Again, I do not know how to make it but if you are interested, I will get the recipe from my mum.

Wow... so many red tortoises!
Aiyo Boy...... everyone is busy here. What are you doing there? Oh, greedy boy. You are eying Jia Jun's jelly! Mum & Dad was setting up the table for prayer.
Beautiful flowers. I love it very much.
Some of the praying items. Did you see the fish jelly? It is a dragon fruits jelly & it was made by me.
Huh? You brought your mum along to ask for the jelly? Shame on you! Haha... somebody's pant is torn. It's yours! Haha... Come, lets take a photo before the praying ceremony ended. This firework was not taken with my Canon Ixus 860. Great isn't it? Kai Jun: Mum, you told me not to play with fire. But why Daddy & Grandma are doing so?
Ee Ting: *speechless*Kai Jun: Gosh, even my fatty uncle is involved as well. Sometimes I simply can't understand the adult!Kai Jun: Since I can't participate, then I will help you guys to hold the sugar canes.Kai Jun: Yeah...... the ceremony is finally ended. I am exhausted & I need a bottle of milk please.


HJ® said...

aduih, the ang-ku looks yummy.. makes me gian wanna eat leh.. : p

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy to see you happy, Li :)