Shanghai 17-18 Jan, 08

Feb 5, 2008

We arrived at Shanghai Train Station at 3:20pm.

We decided to check in to the same hotel with the other group of my colleagues. It is a budget hotel (RMB 150 per night) but it is definitely clean. Again, 3 of us bumped into a room.

Before leaving to Chen Huang Miao, we had a mug of mee first. I have addicted to it during my entire trip in China.We waited quite long for the other colleagues as we took 2 taxi to the destination. While waiting for them, we went into McD to enjoy a cup of hot Grapefruit tea. Then my the other colleagues reached & guess what? They jogged from the hotel to Chen Huang Miao. There weren't any taxi after we left. How could it be possible? The weather was so cold.

Chen Huang Miao looks much beautiful at night. But the sad thing is the shops close at 9pm. :(
We had our Xiao Long Pao at this famous restaurant. This restaurant is divided into 3 floors. The highest floor is selling the best dumplings with the prawn fillings. Too bad that we didn't have the chance to try it as all dumplings are finished for the day.
You gotta purchase the coupon first before the food is served. We went to the 2nd floor which the dumplings are with crab meat fillings. Wanna have a bite of the dumpling? It is very juicy.Our so called 'Papa' also ordered a bowl of egg soup for us.

We then proceeded to the Tang Yuan shop. I had it during our tour here & I wanna eat it again because it is super delicious.
Can't resist it, right? Haha...

Besides as a tourist shopping area, Cheng Huang Miao is actually a temple. This is the temple outlook.
We thought the distance from Cheng Huang Miao is near to The Bund, so we decided to walk there. We lost our way & it took us about 40 minutes to reached there. We were unlucky. The counter has closed. So we ended up following the local taking a RMB 1 ferry to tour The Bund. It was fun. Overall, this trip was pretty fun. I spent about RM 1800 for the whole trip. I don't really like Shanghai as it is too commercialized already. The traffic was terrible as well. If given a chance, I would prefer to travel back to Suzhou.


FL Sam said...

Look to me you all go on this trip on your own or free & Easy and not packaged tour. You all are adventurous. ;)

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Uncle Sam, our company trip is only 4D3N. We extended for another 4D. :)
I always prefer to travel in the Free & Easy Way than following the tour package. How abt urself?

FL Sam said...

Me too prefer Free & Easy, you can do things at you own pace. For some places like NZ, USA, Australia, it is even better you drive yourself.

It is only when no other choices that I will join package tour. :)

FL Sam said...

I have got an east tag for you here:

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Haha Uncle Sam, I fully agreed with u. Thanks for the tag. Will check it out. L)