Shanghai 12-13 Jan, 2008

Feb 3, 2008

We checked in to New World Mayfair Hotel, Shanghai about 4pm. Then we went for our dinner after an hour later. We thought we will be served Xiao Long Pao for dinner as it is one of the Shanghai specialty. But with disappointment, we were not served any during the dinner.

See this recycled snowmen. Creative right? Haha... I was as tall as the snowman.

It is all about Fengsui in China. This is the Westin Hotel. See the lotus on the rooftop. Fengsui again.

The Bund at night. Beautiful, right? That was our China tour guide.

We went to Nanjing Road for shopping after the dnner. Nothing much to get from this street.

We went to the Shanghai Julong Handicrafts & Silk Exhibition Hall on the next morning. The workers demonstrated to us how a silk blanket is being made. I bought a King size 2kg silk blanket for my wedding. It costs me RMB 680.

Workers show how silk is collected from its primary source: the silkworm. The process of producing woven silk from the cocoon to the...

The symbol of Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
We reached the observation deck at 263th floor.
An overview of the entire city.

Shanghai Municipal History Museum, which is is located at the bottom of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Our annual dinner theme, Star night. SHE is in the town??

Poi Poi & me.
3 of our BU directors. From the left: Juan (Specialty Care), Theresa (Cardiovascular) & Jasmine (Anti-Infective)

The ex-famous HK star, Ms Yip Chee Mei. Hehe...

Marilyn Monroe & Supergal.
Sister Act & the witch.
Roger with his farewell speech.

Another farewell speech by Chow.

Jeffery who has left us for the other company.

We had a good night for the dinner. Most of us were hanging out at the lobby after the dinner. It snowed that night & we were pretty excited with it. Besides, while chatting with Jeff, I saw the famous Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai. She checked in the same hotel as us!

After that, I went in to pack for my luggage & we will be leaving the hotel early tomorrow. Suzhou! Suzhou! The beautiful province that I love to visit to.