Day-1 & Day-2 of Chinese New Year

Feb 7, 2008

While dressing myself up this morning, Kai Jun came with "Car Car" greetings. Hey boy, you supposed to wish us Gong Xi Fatt Choy! Hmmm..... No 'and pao' for you.

First shot with me in this morning!
Like a very obedient boy in front of his dad. Haha....

We then proceed to my uncle's house. We hang around there for 2 hours & we left to grandma's house.
Why are you sitting there? Come & join us for 'makan makan'!
Aiya.... what is that huh?

Grandma's house was full with uncles, aunties, cousins & their children. Then this naughty boy met 2 beautiful girls there. He can't wait to take photos with them.
Are we compatible?
How about this chick then?I want both la.

We also spent about 2 hours there. It was a fun gathering as we seldom met each other. Grandma must be happy to see so many of us.

The weather is so hot. So it was wonderful to stay at home. While waiting for Hubby B (thought he will be late) , I took a nap. Haha.... who knows? I got caught by him. ;p

When I reached BB's house, Uncle 'Bo Deh' & Sis Pik Ling & family have already reached there. Then it followed by his grandma, uncles, aunties & cousins. The house is full with laughters. We chit chat, playing cards, watching TV programs & enjoying auntie's nasi lemak. Though we are tired but everyone is happy.

Janelle was teaching me some fingers game. I couldn't cross my fingers. Maybe my age is catching up. Lovely Janelle in this chongsam.

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we were invited to Gladys's open house. I always looking forward her open house because I love her food caterer. Hehe...

Elfie has a son already? They look so much alike. Just joking. Rahul is Danny's son. He is a very friendly baby. Rahul is so cute.
This is Kelvin Wee. Every year without fail, he will get a can of abalone from Gladys. Shameful la you. Why dare not look at the camera ka?