Yee Sang

Feb 11, 2008

After the 4 days of Chinese New Year, finally I get to eat my Yee Sang. I bought this from the riverside hawker center. This lady only sells it once a year. However, I realised that the price of the Yee Sang has increased to RM 21 for a small packet. Besides, the hygiene of the workers & the food were not well taken care of. I think this will be my last purchase.

Though I have made few complaints towards this Yee Sang, we still finished it in just a glance. Hehe... no doubts that it is still as tasteful as before.

Mum also cooked 'Suan Pan Zi' for dinner. Hmmm.. it so yummy!

Wanna guess who is this boy?
Ok, I will give you a peep of part of my handsome face.
Haha..... It's me, Kai Jun boy. My new Mickey Mouse's bag is nice right? It was a gift from my Auntie.


JO-N said...

The suan pan zi looks very yummy.