2 Days Before 'Pai Tien Kong'

Feb 13, 2008

Last night, mum made this "Fa Kao" for this Thursday's prayer. I love it very much. Luckily mum has learned this recipe from Grandma. Me? Of course I have................. not learn this from her yet. Mum uses 100% sweet potatoes & gula melaka for this recipe. She also told me that it is not easy to make this recipe. Sometimes it just do not rise. Hence, we are restricted to say something like "Hey why has it not risen yet?" :p

Mum has made it. The "Fa Kao" rise so high up. It was a good sign as it symbolised all of us in the family will "rise" too. Hehe...
This morning, I brought mum to buy sugar canes. Mum's "Fa Kao" is on sales? Of course not. This "Fa Kao" was sold by the owner. It looks nice but wonder does it taste as good as my mum's recipe?
Everyone was busy choosing the flowers & also sugar canes for tomorrow's night "Pai Tien Kong". Today is everyone's birthday as well. Kai Jun was waiting for his parents to pick him out. They have an dinner appointment with their friends.Since only two of us for dinner, I asked mum not to cook tonight. We went to "ta pao" Sotong Kangkung & Fishballs Bean curds from this famous eatery at Bunga Raya.
Ah Xian was here too. The owner of this stall is getting old & I saw many new faces this time. I believe that he has started to pass down his skills to his disciples. Anyway, I think they were not very well organized when it comes to ordering as well as BBQ-ing the bean curd fish balls. For the one that is going to take over his business, please learn as much as you can from him & also continue his passion in this business.
Mum & I celebrated our birthday with this simple snacks & roti prata with rendang. Happy Birthday folks!