Hangzhou 10-12 Jan, 2008

Feb 3, 2008

We took 1:45am flight to Shanghai. As usual, we hoo haa in the flight. When I was sleeping, I can feel a moment of dizziness & I felt like throwing out. I couldn't hold it anymore so I rushed to the washroom. As expected, I vomited. Guess it was due to the coke & white wine in the plane. And maybe I have talked & laughed too much. :p

We reached Shanghai Pudong Airport about 6:45am. The weather was pretty cold. We checked in all our luggage into our coach. Since we need to travel 3-hour journey to Hangzhou, the tour guide has packed the KFC burger for our breakfast.

Chicken burger from KFC. I think I still prefer Malaysia's version.

The walkway to Xitang Water Village.

Here we are, The Xitang Water Village.

This boy looks so innocent & chubby. Wanted to pinch his cheeks but dare not do so because his dad was with him.

The above 3 pictures were taken at Lei Feng Pagoda. The weather was very foggy so we didn't have a chance to had a good scenery view.

Nice plants, right? Do think of eating salad now?

Basically, my first day in Hangzhou was good, except that I had a horrible gastric attack in Xitang Water Village. I swallowed few types of gastric pills but none of them worked wonders on me. Finally Julia offered me Actal, the most basic gastric pills & I slept throughout the way to Lei Feng Pagoda. Thank God! I was relieved!

We had our dinner at one of the top 3 restaurant, Tian Wai Tian. The food was excellent. I still miss the fish soup & Dong Po Pork very much. Hehe...

The next day, we started our half a day commercial meeting. Our company 2008 theme is F.A.C.E (shit, I have forgotten the meaning for alphabet F & E; A - achieve & C - commit). The committee even invited a Sichuan actor to perform magical face changes. I was very amazed with his performance as with a magical sweep of a hand, the actor can change his masks successively in an incredibly short time.

One of the on-stage performance by the actor.

Cakes & snacks that served during our tea time.

After our lunch at the local restaurant, we proceed with our team building, hiking at Northern Peak! It was rather crazy as the weather was so cold at that time. Luckily, our team managed to completed all the tasks given & guess what? We were the top team.

We hiked the 313.7 meters above the sea level peak. Each of us was given an egg and we must make sure that the egg was not broken throughout the journey. Also, along the way, we were asked to drink 5 bottles of beer with straw, fixed 2 jigsaw puzzles & performed few expressions for photo session.
We were pampered with foot massage after the hiking. The pop corn was extremely good. I love it!
Our bus was stuck on the road. The red car broke down & the driver disallowed us to help him to push away his car. Mickey Mouse James was so kind to instruct the traffic & our driver successfully made a turn out! Hurray!

On the 3rd day, we visited West Lake. Another torturing one as we have to walk a distance to take the cruise.
Again, nothing impressive with this lake. :P

We also visited the Mei Family West Lake Long Jin Plantation. Most of us bought a pack of King of the Tea from this plantation. It costs RMB 260 for a small tin.

After the lunch, we proceeded to Shanghai. More posts & pics to be up soon.


JO-N said...

You had a good time. Those are lovely pictures and it is good to post them. After several years when you look back, you would be able to recall those sweet memories.

JO-N said...

Happy CNY to you and your family.

steff@lifeadventurez.com said...

no wonder u MIA for so long, go holiday ah...

Blessed CNY!

Zooropa said...

You must have enjoyed ur trip very much. Great photos! Happy Chinese New Year 2u & ur family!


keeyit said...

fantastic trip you got..
very nice photos

happy valentine's day to you