Perfect Love?

May 3, 2007

Do u think you can love unconditionally?

There is a Taiwan Talk Show shown in Astro channel 27 every 7:30pm. The person will assign the host to bring up his / her relationship issues to 3 judges. In the same time, the host will also invite the ppl involved to the show so that everything can be talked / confessed openly to everyone. At the end of the show, the judges will provide their suggestion to the couple & then they have to decide whether to reunion or to break up.

This evening, there is this man who would want to try to patch up with his gf. They've been together for 2.5 years. However, he claimed that his so called gf has a "very weird" characters. She speaks with one kind of slang, with certain posture, especially her "buddha hand" & also with one or two English words in between the conversation. She also likes to carry a dog doll with her, anytime & anywhere. I noticed that whenever she converses in Mandarin, she is very gentle but when she speaks Hokkien, she is so rough.

The man could not tolerate with her behaviour anymore. His friends are laughing at him & family members cannot get along with her. She has already spoilt by her parents since young. They provide her with everthing she asked for & eventually she has became too spendthrift.

In later part, she reviewed that she has suffered from meningitis at the age of 12. This incident has caused her weird characters. Anyway, the man wanted to ask for a break-up. Suddenly, she screamed & shouted hysterically. The man called her retarded & crazy woman. He even asked her mum to send her home. Her mum felt so painful to see her daughter suffering. The host trying to resolve the issue by asking both parties to stay on & discuss. With the tears & the power of love, the man has confessed his love to her once again!

There is no perfect love in the real life. We must learn to accept the imperfectness of our partner. Then, we will learn & work hand-in-hand for a better future.