Hurray! Champion's League Tonight!

May 1, 2007

Little Wife: BB, all Chelsea's fans are definitely going to roar at Anfield tonight. Haha...

Hubby B: Are you sure or not? See what have they performed during last Saturday's game against Newcastle? Some more, Essien, Ricardo Carvalho & Michael Ballack are not playing, you know?

Little Wife: Hmm... BB don't play-play with my team huh. Later, I asked Drogba & Joe Cole to show you the power again, then the Reds will die awfully once more. :-)

P/S: I guess I shall piggy for an hr before the exciting game starts at 2am. Else, I'll be liked what BB always claim as a "Babi Panggang (Roast Piglet)" while watching the game.