Forgetful & Lucky Hubby B!

May 21, 2007

While I was watching Discovery Health, I heard a familiar ringing tone. Hey... It was my Hubby B! Never expect to receive his call at this hour.
He shared with me that he has a funny day. Upon starting his car engine this morning to go back to Klang office, he realized that he has forgotten to put his hair gel on. Then, on his half way thru, he discovered that he was wearing his trousers without a belt (Normally, my Hubby B is quite organized but what had happened to him this morning? Maybe missing me too much). Haha... So after his lunch hour, he went to JJ to shop for his belt. It is so coincidentally that JJ is holding a shoes fair. So he decided to look for a pair of his squash shoes. Finally he gotten the pair that he wants which was with a 30% discount. However, the shoes' tag did not indicate the discount given. So he was trying his luck by checking with the promoter of the discount. The poor gal told him that the shoes is entitled for 30% discount. Then the naughty BB teased her that it should be 50% dicsount instead. Without double checking with the boxes again, the gal given him 50% discount on the pair of Adidas shoes. It comes up to about RM 99. Haha.... because of her laziness, I guess she gotta pay for the losses later when she did her sales closing at the end of the day! But my forgetful Ah Pek has gained a worth buy for himself.