Claypot Rice

May 30, 2008

I have forgotten where is this place situated but should be somewhere around Damansara Jaya. Must checked with Hubby first.

Just before we left to Dungun, BB brought me to this restaurant for lunch. I was a bit doubt of it as the restaurant was empty. We have ordered Salted Fish & Chicken Claypot Rice, Tom Yam Claypot Rice & 2 bowls of Winter Melon Soup.

While waiting our food to be served, I noticed the customers started to enter to the restaurant group by group. Hmm..... the rice must be nice then.

This Salted Chicken Claypot Rice is yummylicious. I don't know how to describe the taste but I guess the shredded onions perfected it.

The Tom Yam Claypot Rice was a bit salty. So BB has helped to finish it up.
The Winter Melon Soup is tasty. Slurrp.....we finished it all.