Manekineko Japanese Restaurant @ Melaka Raya

Jun 13, 2008

We went for Japanese food again for our dinner. Haha.... my beloved manager, Bern is sure to complain again. We just addicted to Japanese cuisine.

This place is just directly opposite Izakaya Kushi Masa. Upon entered into the restaurant, we only noticed a table of Japanese men there. So we told ourselves that the food served must be quite authentic & nice, else we won't be seeing these people around.

They use the fortune cat as the signboard so that they could attract more customers to their restaurant.
Fortune cat is found in most of their setting.
The layout of the restaurant.
Only 5 thin slices of Shake Sashimi.
How can we miss Hiyayakko for our meal. I'm going to try this dish one day.
4 pcs of Kaki Furai (Breaded & Deep Fried Oysters). The oyster is fresh & they managed to fry it just nice without drying the juicy oysters.
2 tiny pieces of Saba Shioyaki (Grilled Mackeral).
Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll. If the chef can add more vinegar & mayonnaise, it will taste even nicer.
Here is the bill. Is your eyes popping out? Well, Hubby B & I concluded that the price charged by the restaurant is expensive. However, the food served is quite authentic & yummy.


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wah, really expensive lar! but since you guys have enjoyed the food, then ok lar! if for me, i'll tell myself, "no next time" haha!

here, i usually enjoy my jap food at sushi zenmai, zen or agefuku. It's all within 20mins frm my home. :)

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Me too. No next visit for us unless the price is adjusted.

I heard of Agefuku. Nice right?

Kelvin L. said...

One of my sister's old time classmate (Evon Liaw) opened Kokiya Japanese Restaurant opposite the old Orchard Square (near Jln Ong Kim Wee). You might wanna check it out, if you like authentic Japanese cuisine.

Oh! Congrats to your wedding! May you both grow old, sharing the same pillow. (Didn’t know bout it until I see your Picasa album, pai-seh!)


Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Kelvin, Kokiya is one of our hang out place too. I love their food. It is fresh & the price is reasonable.

No problem. Drop by more often ya. thanks for ur wishes.

cbenc12 said...

begitu mahal sekali! especialy in mlk!