My Birthday with Hubby B

Aug 15, 2008

On 25th July, BB came in to the room & gave me this present. Hmm....... he made the effort to wrap my birthday's present! I'm amazed! Haha.... Throughout our years together, he has never wrapped any of my presents himself. All were done by the shop people. Though the wrapping is a bit simple but I really appreciated his hard work.

He has asked me to guess the present inside this box. I shook it, I felt it but I couldn't figured out what was the surprise. A watch? An iPhone? The latest model of bluetooth? Wrong, wrong, wrong! I gave up! BB teased me for not guessing the surprise correctly. :(

I unwrapped the paper & it was a Wii controller. Oh no....... my dream gadget. Since we played it during our stay at Pulau Tenggol in June, I kept on teasing him that I wanted a Wii for my birthday present. He has fulfilled my dream. Thanks BB.

Anyway, I think that I didn't fail to guess the present. It was cunning BB that only wrapped the controller up. If he has given me the whole set, I would definitely guess it correctly. Hahaha...

We enjoyed playing Wii together, especially the tennis & bowling games. What a good form of exercise without exposing under the sun. ;p

Since BB couldn't be with me during my birthday, we only had the celebration on 1st Aug. We went to Secret Recipe for dinner & also for the cakes.

Salad for me. On diet! No choice.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles for him.

Green Tea Ice Blended.

California Cheese Cake.

Grains & Nuts Cheese Cake. I like this healthy cheese cake. 2 thumbs up.


Zooropa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!


Loh said...

Thanks Dora! :) said...

that is a super cool gift!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wow, me & darling hv been eyeing on wii!! envylar!! hehe

oh, the grains & nut cheesecake looks yummy!! :)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Steff: Thanks but many said it is a gadget for kids. :)

Hi Jean, you will get urs soon.... Ur hubby told me in the dream that he wanted to get for u. ;) You should try this healthy cake from Secret Recipe. Very nice.