PoPo's Birthday

Jan 10, 2009

We went back to Seremban this evening for PoPo's birthday celebration. We had dinner outside as our aunties were have to travel back to PJ later. They are busy baking the Chinese New Year cookies.Soo Hui & Siu P. She asked me a very interesting question that night. She actually requested me to give her a niece rather than a nephew. She said our family has too many males already. Haha.... Soo Hui, baby boy or baby girl is doesn't matter to me as long as they are healthy. Don't you agreed with me? Anyway, it is Feng Ko Ko's XXYY to determine the sex of our baby. :P

Jovial Dei Ming was ctaching up with Hubby.

Took a photo for PoPo, PaPa, Mai Lan & Mai Wah while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Medha with Zheng Hao. He is very quiet & also the center of attraction.

Birthday cakes which were specially baked by Niao Nien.

Preparing to sing a birthday song for PoPo.
1, 2, 3. Lets sing. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to PoPo, happy birthday to you.

Look here. Is everybody in?

I always love to see PoPo. She is always with her generous smile. We wish you tonnes of happiness.

Bok Dae & Janelle. I remembered the story that my FIL shared with me. He has played an important role in PaPa's life chapters.

Though it was a simple birthday dinner, everyone enjoyed the momnets of get together. We looking forward to see each other in this coming CNY.


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what a nice celebration!!

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