Reunion Dinner @ Ujong Pasir

Jan 24, 2009

We had an earlier reunion dinner since brother Godzilla & family will be going back to Pontian on the eve. This is the first year that mum has to prepare the dinner without my assistance. However she has done a good job! See what has she cooked for us.

My favourite Lobak from Mum. It is rolls of pork wrapped with bean curd skin and deep fried until crispy.

Century eggs with pickled ginger.

Braised pork with sea cucumber.

Glass Noodle. A special request dish from Hubby B.

Hokkien Stew Duck. It a bit too dry. Mum is stingy with the marinating ingredients. Guess she must learn to the Kungfu from my grandmother.

Tom Yum Squids with Long Beans.

Steam Promphet with garlic. Two of the family members do not like this dish. The honour goes to Brother Godzilla & my Hubby B.

See this little rascal. He was extremely well behaved in front of his Dad.

Mum fed him with lots of food.

Whoa.... he managed to finished up the food. Of course la... it is so yummy.

Laugh!Sad!Anger!We tried to put on our angry facial expression. He was better than me! Haha....

While seeing me taking the pics, he also grabbed his toy camera to play it along.

Hubby B, Kai Jun & I.

Lucas's eyelashes are long right?

While we were chatting, he was sleeping so soundly in his carrier.

We tickled him, we called him, but he still refused to wake up.

His little feet.

We have a good dinner. Mum will be the most happy one. Though Dad and both brothers are still trying to adjusting themselves, but I must admit that all have put in their efforts. Hope things will get better soon. Mummy, thanks for your hard work in preparing the reunion dinner. It is so delicious.

Wishing all in the family a prosperous, healthy & happy "Niu" year.


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"Gong Xi Fa Cai" to you! Drop by to let U know that my new blog is now at Thanks and have a wonderful start to the Year of The Golden Ox! Please update my url!