The Eagle Nest Blog Award

Dec 4, 2007

I got this award from another lovely blogger, Jo-N. I love reading Jo-N's posts especially her approach in teaching her children. I think she is one of the great mummy. So folks, do drop by her blog, ok.

In my impression, Eagle is a powerful symbol of courage & wisdom. It is also a symbol of free spirit & fearless in thunder and lightning. So what does eagle mean to you? I shall honour this award to the following bloggers so that they can share the thoughts with me as well.

  1. Emila
  2. Stephanie
  3. Jason Mumbles
  4. Kee Yit

2 comments: said...

Thanks for the award !! So nice to get it from you..

JO-N said...

Thanks for the introduction LiLi. By the way, I am going to stay in Malacca this coming saturday for a night. Do you think we can meet?