Happy Gathering

Dec 19, 2007

Henry & his daughter, Amanda, came back from Melbourne for a month holidays. Hence, we have had a gathering with them last Wednesday after our trainning. Phillip has suggested Hooi Loong Chinese Restaurant at SS22/19 Damansara Jaya.

While waiting for Henry, this Satay Fish was served. This is a nice snack to munch. Henry & Amanda arrived half an hour later. We have placed the following dishes for the night.Spinach Soup with Century Eggs. The soup was plain. Guess the seasoning was not enough.

Braised Chicken. I did not have much as I think Mummy one is much delicious.

Roast Pork & BBQ Pork. The roast pork skin was crispy & the BBQ pork was tender & juicy. Yummy.

Henry has asked us to order this Fragrant Claypot Salted Fish and Belly Pork (Ham Yee Fah Lam Poh). It is one of Amanda's favourite food.

Salted Egg Prawns. The crust wasn’t really crispy & the prawns was not very tasteful as well. I think the cook should add some curry leaves & chili to spice up the dish.

Guess how much we have paid for this meal? ~RM 220. Expensive right?

Few of the photos taken during the dinner. From our conversation, we know that Henry is a much happy person now. He enjoys his life & utilizes every of his times meaningfully. It was a happy gathering though it only lasted for about 3 hours. We wish you all the best in life, Henry & family.