Capitol Satay Celup at Bukit China

Dec 13, 2007

After our shopping at Dataran Pahlawan, my brother suggested to go for Satay Celup. Hmmm.... I agreed too as I have not been eating it for quite some times.
So we headed to the Capitol Satay Celup at Bukit China. We were lucky as there are not many crowds during that hour. Surprise! However, after half an hour later, we noticed that the crowds are lining up outside.
According to the owner, they change their gravy for every new customer due to hygeine purposes. Somehow I doubt it so. Anyway, I would want to praise their teamwork. Every of the Indonesian maid has their roles; such as directing the customer to their table, taking order for drinks, bringing the gravy pot to the customer, calculating the bill & cleaning the table after the customer has left place. Therefore, their service is fast & efficient.
I think I still prefer the one in Ong Kim Wee. The gravy is much thicker & aromatic. :)