Dec 22, 2007

He is the honored one to have the first shot from my new Camera.

Two of our shot together. He loves to take photos.

My mum, Kai Jun & I.

He was posing like a innocent boy.

See the dish at the right bottom corner. He 'cooked' it for the offering. He even made a cup of tea for his great grandmother. Funny boy.

He loves to read. See how serious he was. His teacher told me that he is very keen in learning. When the teacher asked questions in the class, he is the one that always rush to answer. Really KPC. Haha...

We brought him to Jusco. He posed awkwardly in front of the decoration.

He was hungry after a long hours of shopping. We brought him to Sushi King. See his pitiful face . Must be wondering why the food wasn't served yet.

His food was served finally & mum fed him. He loves the soup & the steamed egg.

I got his a present for Christmas. I told him that he can only open it after seeing Santa Claus. Astro AFC's channel advertisement shown a Christmas greeting last night. He told me that is Hor Hor Hor (Santa's laughter). So he are allowed to open the present.

See his chicky smile. What did he see?

It was one of his favourite Disney's CAR character, Sherrif, which he usually called it as Mama. (his mum's car is black color too).

I love my nephew, Kai Jun very much. I think both of us have addicted to each other. We play most of the times together.

Anyway, I'm kind of down a bit this afternoon. While waiting for Hubby B, we were reading book together. As usual, he likes me to ask him question so that he can show me how intelligent he is. Then I heard BB arrived already. So I asked him to give me his 4 kisses before I left. He did & I gave him my 4 kisses too.

I wanted to bring him to say Hi to BB but he didn't want to. I don't understand this little boy. He is afraid of BB. Suddenly, I can see the disappointment he has shown. He was standing at the gate quietly as though he wanted to stop me from going with BB. It is quite painful to see this scene. :( Poor boy.

His disappointed face kept on appearing in my mind even though till now. Hmmm..... I will just need to take it easy. Guess he is happily playing with his parents now or maybe he is dressing up himself to a wedding dinner soon. I love you very much, little nephew.


FL Sam said...

Your nephew is so cute. Which Canon model your bought? I am also looking to get a Canon IS860i. :)

Cutie said...

He is adorable. But don't be sad because of the sad face your nephew show. Cheer up my dear. You can go drop by and see him again and slowly maybe he will want to see your hubby too. Stay happy otherwise whatever food you eat will not taste yummy at all. hehe...

Chinneeq said...

wow Li Li, your nephew really look a lot like your brother man!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Uncle Sam, I got the Canon IS860i. Nice camera with great features. I got it last month with 1+2 years warranty & free 2GB SD card. Check with the outlet first ya.

Hi Cutie, thanks a lot. Maybe with ur banana crepes, I should feel better. hehe...

Hi Chin Nee, two are like a chop. Even the characters are the same too.

emilayusof said...

Kai Jun is so adorable! Nice photos Lili!

FL Sam said...

How much you pay for the IS860i? This list price is RM1,499.00 and the best price so far at Low Yat is around RM1,400.00 wih 2GB SD Card. Not sure warranty how long as I was just checking around the price. :)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Uncle Sam, I paid RM 1499 for this camera. 2GB, 1+2 years warranty, pouch & a mini tripod.