Yong Jie & Kien Wei Wedding, 8-Dec-2007

Dec 10, 2007

I am not sure if 8-December 2007 was a special date for you but I'm sure it was a sweet & memorable one for every one in Hubby's B family, especially Yong Jie & Ah Wei.

Precious, Jun Liang & Soo Hui have already posted this special event in their blog, so it is my turn now.

Everyone was busy preparing themselves for tonight's dinner at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Seremban.
Yong Jie is turning to a stunning bride soon.

Ah Choo is Yong Jie's younger sister. She is most well known in the family as a beauty queen. I was amazed to see all her hair accessories.

As Soo Hui is one of the bridesmaid tonight, Precious was trying hard to style her up. While I was busy coloring Mai Lan's toe & finger nails, I noticed that they restyled her. However, Soo Hui didn't like it. I guess she prefer natural looking.

Aunty Mai Hua made this decoration from straws. It looks like a snow flake.

This couple attracted me. They announced proudly to the beloved guests of their big day!

One of the decoration done by the restaurant.

This was the door gift given for every guest. It is a mini photo frame. Nice.

Hubby B's grandmother. She is always with her humble smile.

Hubby B complained that the first picture of him with Janelle was not taken nicely. His head looked big & the body looked small. Aiyo... of course la because I took from the up angle. Haha... So I took another shot for him to shut his mouth off. :P

Janelle & I. She has grown taller since the last time I saw her in Chinese New Year. She is also more sociable & talkative now.

Yong Jie & Hubby B.Yong Jie & I.

Beautiful bridesmaids, Soo Hui & Janelle.

Lovely welcome to the couple.
Yong Jie & Ah Wei: Finally we can relax for a while. What a relief!

Champagne pouring session.
The dinner's menu.
Cold Dishes
Shark's Fin Soup with Scallop
Steamed Promphet with Soy Sauce.

My favourite dish - Suckling Piglet & Roasted Chicken.
Marmite Prawn
Braised Black Mushrooms with Fish Maws and Vegetables.

Stir-fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Meat.

Chilled Sea Coconuts with Lemon.

Overall, this was a wonderful night. I believe every guest enjoyed themselves very much. Wishing both of you joy & happiness always.


Anonymous said...

I always like the first dish. Got shark fin ar? I thot we all are saving the shark?

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

haha... don't know le.