Wanna Know 8 Random Facts About Me?

Nov 11, 2007

Jean wanna know 8 random facts about me. Here it comes.

The Rules:
  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
  3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

My random 8 facts:

  1. I used to spend my best friend junk food when I was in standard 2 and 3. But guess what did I do? On one fine day, I wanted to claim from her the money that I spent on her. I got scolded from my mum because of this stupid behaviour.
  2. I was summoned by PLUS (an expressway authority in Malaysia) 3 years ago due to damaging their divider bar. Why did I do that? Because I fell asleep when I was driving back from Seremban to Melaka.
  3. I can't watch movie on the bed as I tend to fall asleep after 30 mins of the showtimes.
  4. I am not an adventurous woman as I grow older.
  5. Sometimes I will steal my working hours to attend a facial treatment.
  6. I have not had the chance to travel by aeroplane until the age of 31. My first trip was to New Zealand with my present employer.
  7. I love kids but I always worry that I could not have my own babies due to I had my cyst removed early this year.
  8. I am closer with my younger brother than my elder brother though our age (i mean my tounger brother) are only 5 years apart.

Finally I have completed this meme & I'm going to pass this interesting tag to the fellow friends:

Enjoy yourself with this tag. :)


J@n!ce said...

I'm just the same, I will doze off while a show if I cant get it within 10 mins. Thanks for the tag :)

Janice Ng

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Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hehe..meaning i'm not the only one. Give me 5, Janice.

keeyit said...

The first one was funny.
My God, you fall asleep when driving ? Becareful le..
same as you I am nt adventurous type tooo..
No worry, babies are given by God..

FL Sam said...

Fuiyoh. You tag me again. Give me some time, I shall put up the post as I think I got 3-4 more pendings.

Meantime I have tag you : T for Tak Feng & lili Tag. Very easy one. :)

Simple Life

JO-N said...

hehe, so next time if you can't sleep, just watch a movie, ok?

I have completed your tag. Take a look.

I have A tag for you, LiLi. Please hunt for it in my blog as there are many tags lying there. Thanks.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Kee Yit, ya lor. I can't imagine I did that. Haha... Luckily there weren't any car, trucks or buses at that time. Fuyoh.....

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Uncle Sam, hope u don't mind ya. Take your times to complete. :)

Thanks for the tag. :)

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi Jo-N, i am quite easy to sleep. Anywhere & anytimes. That's y my bf always call me Pig. :P

Thanks for the tag. :)