He Has Landed in The Ward!

Nov 12, 2007

I am so unlucky today. After having lunch with my friends at Melaka Raya, I decided to feed my car's stomach at Shell petrol kiosk at Bandar Hilir. I usually go to Shell petrol kiosk at Semabok. However, due to the urgent signal given by my car, I have no choice but to find the nearest station. I paid RM 73 for V-power as I will be travelled to Seremban tomorrow.

After collecting back my stock from a clinic near Munshi Abdullah, I continued my journey to Ong Kim Wee. While driving, I can feel my car jerking. Then I stopped opposite my brother's pharmacy. Oh no... He was so restless. His heart is pumping slower and slower. What is happening? Please.... please don't do that to me! Should I call an ambulance?

So I S.O.S. my brothers. Godzila (my elder brother) called his mechanic. Uncle mechanic came after 20 mins time. He suspected that it might due to the spark plug. So he drove my 'beloved' to his hospital.

Of course I called BB to manja2 lor. After telling him the entire story, he told me that this jerk might also caused by the mixture of the petrol with water. Hmm.. make sense too.

About 7pm, I received a piece of bad news from brother Ralph. Uncle mechanic failed to rescue 'my love' and has asked us to send it to the service center. He changed the spark plug, he tested with his high-tech computer, he thought of all the possible problems & he concluded that the culprit must be the petrol!!

I was so frustrated with such unethical behaviour. Though petrol price is high, do you think that it is right to earn max profit by cheating the customers? I definitely going to lodge a complaint to Shell later. BB called again & advised me to get the report from Toyota first. Then only officially lodge the complaint to Shell. 2 possibilities; the petrol kiosk owner really mixes their petrol with kerosene (according to uncle mechanic, they just recently changed owner) or during their recent renovation, the water was kept inside. BB always acts so calmly when it comes to problem solving.

I will see what is the investigation outcome from Toyota tomorrow. Then I will share it with you all, ya. Folks, to prevent this incident to happen again, please visit those reputable petrol kiosk, ok.


HJ® said...

Haiyo, Shell memang like this one. They usually "mixed" their petrol liow. Sometimes not the owner's fault but it's the unethical behaviour of petrol-tank-lorry driver! The driver sold the petrol to some ladang kepala sawit etc., then the driver ma'-refilled the tank with kerosene or with whatsoever lor...

Eh Li..., Shell at Banda Hilir eh, hmm, which one? Near where? My Pa also use V-Power leh.. he he, so I gotta warn him

Anyhow, use Petronas laa..."seng-uu"

FL Sam said...

Shell V Power is a Premium Petrol use by Ferrari F1 Team . I dont think it is shell but I think it is the petrol station owner. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

really ah? I better warn my father about this. Let me know the result ya!

stephanie kok said...

gosh! I need to tell my parents about this so they will not go to the same petrol station.

Thanks, Steph.

Emila Yusof said...

HI Takfeng&Lili! So unethical of the kiosk owner to mix the petrol with water or kerosene! Hope to hear the report soon!