Under One Roof Services

Nov 5, 2007

We love traveling. For our past few light and easy trips, we have made our hotel reservations through this particular online store. Hubby B always tells me that they are the cheapest amongst the online hotel reservation. Somehow I have doubt and will still searching for the best rate from the internet. Well, I would say that he is right. The rates offered are cheap and they have the 24-hour live customer service to assist you.

This opportunity has been opened to me for quite sometimes. However, I’m quite reluctant to write any of the review with regards to this website. Please do not misunderstand that we had a bad experiences with this site. Frankly speaking, I don’t even know its existence when I did my online hotel search previously. I know I am being unfair because of condemning it without visit the site.

I decided to visit Hotel Reservations today. I compared it with our favourite site. Oh I can’t believe my eyes. Is that true? I don’t believe it and I kept trying with few more hotels. It is true. We own you an apology, Hotel Reservations. Both rates are quite comparable and at times Hotel Reservations can be cheaper than our favourite one. The only suggestion would be to add in the travelers’ review towards the hotel they have stayed. With this, it helps the next traveler to decide his or her hotel booking besides the rate factor.

Hotel Reservations provide you with under one roof services; from online flight booking, vacation package, vacation rental, hotel reservation to car rental. I like their search option menu. It is quite details and is particularly useful for customers with different preferences.

Luckily I did not waste my times exploring this new site. We will definitely put Hotel Reservations in our list for our coming holidays.