Happy Birthday, Little Car Lover!

Nov 8, 2007

Today is my nephew, Kai Jun's 2-Year-Old birthday. Happy Birthday, little monster! His birthday celebration started since last week. Before his big day, he has already receiving many presents from us and friend. A set of study table and chair, white board, Disney Car's T-shirt, bermuda and cap, Bod The Builder and bicycle. So lucky!

Then he also shared his joys with his music class's friends. He brought each of them a goodie bag which filled with sweets, biscult, chocolate, jelly, etc. Then on Friday night,
Winnie and her parents also had a buffet dinner celebration with him at Renaissance Hotel.

We also celebrated his birthday yesterday. He seems to enjoy himself very much. Till the end of the celebration, we asked him if he is happy with the birthday celebration. He replied us "ppy" (he can't pronounce the full word yet). My SIL told us that he even insisted to wear the Car's T-shirt to sleep. Hmmm... really a car mania. Haha..

Anyway, just wanna give him our very best wishes. Wishing him to stay happy and healthy throughout his journey. Guess he is having fun in Pontian now. Another round of birthday celebration with my SIL's family.


JO-N said...

Happy Birthday Kai Jun. You are sure lucky to get so many gifts.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Thanks Auntie Jo-N. :)