Yucky Water!

Jul 21, 2007

I don't like to drink water because it tastes so plain. Sometimes I have no choice but to consume more water than my normal intake. Ah ha... that's the time I know I'm either falling sick or getting sore throat soon. Very bad example huh.
In 2004, the Institute of Medicine effectively overruled the 8 glasses a day rule - with a new report. They stated a general daily recommendation of 2.7 liters (91 ounces) of total water for women and 3.7 liters (125 ounces) for men. This includes water from all sources (foods and drinks). Wow... that is even worst right? 8 glasses is killing me already & it is 3.7 liters now!
Metabolism & fat? Any link with it? Recently, my beautician had a body scan for me. My metabolism rate is low & my total fat is 5% more than it should be. I consulted my doctor with regards to this. He explained to me that another of the liver's duties is to pick up the slack for the kidneys, which need plenty of water to work properly. If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do their work along with its own which then lowering its total productivity. Eventually it can't metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently as it could when the kidneys were pulling their own weight. So if this happened, we are not only being unfair to our liver, but we're also setting ourselves up to store fat.
Looks like I have to drink more water now. Besides the taste, the most intolerable part is running to the bathroom constantly. This can be very discouraging. It seems that the water is coming out just as fast as it's going in, and I will give up easily.
I collected some info from the web that what is really happening is that our body is flushing itself of the water it has been storing throughout all those years of "survival mode". As we continue to give our body all the water it could ask for, it gets rid of what it doesn't need, such as the water it was holding onto in our ankles, hips & thighs, maybe even around the belly. We are excreting much more than we realize. So, our body triggers that it doesn't need to save these stores anymore. It trusts that the water will keep coming & if it does, eventually, the flushing (of both the body & the potty) will cease. It then allows us to return to a normal life. This is called the "breakthrough point."
I can feel the beauty of water now.....