She is the Culprit!

Jul 6, 2007

I felt much better after an extensive kickboxing I had last evening plus the cool chill-out with friends in Pure Bar. Though I have hangover this morning, but at least I have managed to release it out.
Spoken to Joe this morning & explained to her the reason that I didn't answer her call last afternoon. She shared with me that she faced the same problem too after being with this culprit for 6 months. Her mood swung often & she suffered from depression sometimes. She knew that "she" was the one that cause this problem. So she decided to break up with her in May this year. She is leading a much happier life now.
With her experience & Ee Ting's explanation, I firmly acknowledged that I was one of the victim too! Don't worry. I'm fine but I will go to confront her this Monday!
Curious to know who is the culprit that causing our life miserable?? The birth control pills!
Mine - Yasmin
Joe - Dianne 35
In conclusion, all oral contraceptive pills are the culprit. Haha.... Just pulling your legs. It is actually very subjective. You might be sensitive to her but not to the other one! Sorry to Yasmin! Sorry to Dianne 35! Sorry to all OC pills!