The 7-Year Itch

Jul 16, 2007

After years of opposition, Starbucks finally closed its door in the Forbidden City, Beijing on 14-July-2007.

The Starbucks branch was told it could stay open if it sold other brands but has declined. It simply because it is not Starbucks's custom worldwide to have stores that have any other name.

Folks, should Starbucks move out of the Forbidden City because it unmatched with the Chinese culture? Should it stay as it shows that China is connected with the outside world; People from all over the world can take a break and have a coffee here? Is this decision an amicable one or the museum management is aiming at Starbucks?

Well to me, this is really not a question of right or wrong now; if the people in Beijing like it this way, so be it. It is their heritage after all, as for us tourist, well, one cup of coffee less will not hurt. Forbidden City is just as grand, with, or without the latte.


Gledwood said...

Starbucks is vulgar. And like so many American corporations they have little feeling for the local cultures of the places they "colonize" ... even tho they pay lip service to this ... no get rid of them i say!
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