Book Surfing

Jul 3, 2007

I went for book shopping at Popular during lunch hour. I was thinking to buy few self-enrichment books to read. While looking at the best buy item, I saw this book - The New Natural Family Doctor by Dr. Andrew Stanway. He provides valuable information on how to adapt our lifestyle through diet, exercise & relaxation tecniques in order to maintain good health without unnecessary medical intervention. This book contains a number of pictures. So I guess it will not bore me as I'm not really a good reader. Haha...
Then I also came accross these 2 chinese books. The author is from Taiwan & I love reading his articles. He usually gives short stories in each of the chapter & he will then concluded with piece of advice. So, the one in green is titled as "Everything can be better", meaning we must have a positive mind in handling all the problems we face daily.
While the red cover one is titled as "Don't hurt your family." He shared that when we are upset, we should not throw our temper or doing anything that hurt our love one. We should appreciate the times we share together with them. Besides, we must also learn to forgive & forget. Well, I think that I'm not doing good enough in this. I'm still learning & I really hope that one day I can be liked what is being told in this book (have read few chapters already)!
Till I share with you further once I finished reading the book.....