He Has Found His Love One!

Jul 4, 2007

Bao Xishun - born in Inner Mongolia in 1951. He is the naturally-grown tallest man in the world. Currently he is 2.36m tall & was entered the Guinness Books of Records in 2005.
Xia Shujuan, a 29-year-old saleswoman who works in a clothing store in Inner Mongolia, has been selected by Mr. Bao through his worldwide marriage advertisement.
After a one-month courtship, the copule decided to settle down. They was registered for marriage in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia on March 26, 2007. The full ceremony will be held in July. According to Xia, as they got to know each other she stopped noticing how tall Bao is but was touched by his thoughtfulness.
Let wish much happiness to this couple.


HJ® said...

Aahh.. I guess you have found your Love One too :-)

Btw, Huey Jin here. Thanks for visiting my blog ya. And truly appreciate your comment. Hey, continue to submit comments to my blog k?

Till we hear from each other again... you keep blogging!


Loh said...

Hi Jin,

I have & how about yourself? Reading through your blog & am sure u have also found ur Mr. Right too, rite?