Worklife Balance

Jul 5, 2007

Ever think of how to release your stress? Sports, yoga, meditation, music, blogging, eating, shopping, or talking to friends? Which one is your choice?

Just came accross a piece of news from Astro News just now. A Spanish chain hotel in Madrid is planning for renovation. Prior than that, they have offered "30 highly stressed-out people" to have a chance to use the hammers, axes to vent their frustrations on tv sets, bedroom walls, beds & desks.

I think it is a fantastic idea to do so. It benefited both parties. The release of pain-relieving endorphins helped those people to feel much better & the hotel also saved the cost of hiring professionals to do the demolishing job.

So if you were given a chance to do so, would you wanna try? Smash it out! Please contact this website for further information! The choice is yours but I guess I would not do so. Too violent. Haha...