What Did I Do When Hubby B Is Away For Sports?

Jun 10, 2007

BB has 2 games (futsal & then badminton) to play from 11am to 4pm today. He has a mild fever this morning. Maybe it was due to his sore throat. However, you still can't stop him from playing the sports. From the 1st day I knew him, he is always so involve with sports. So I will never stop him or complain that he does not spend enough times with me. :-)

So do you think I'll look like the baby in the pic? Haha... of course not. I went out for breakfast with his parents at Jiang Xiang. Uncle shared a lot of his biz stuffs with us today. From his sharing, I understood that it was really not easy to deal in the biz world. However, I believe that with his experiences & determination, he can be a very successful businessman soon. Uncle, I wish u all the best. However, I also wish that he could take good care of his health too.

So, after watching CSI, I did my mobile blog setup. I did it. I posted a post using by phone just now. I also searched for new updates for my CHB medicne & did my PPT so that I could have a better conversation with my clients later. I guess I will also be doing my claims in a short while. Hope the site is not down again.