Unhappy Day

Jun 21, 2007

Roger called me this morning. He informed me that there is a organization restructuring effective next week. I will no longer report to him but Uncle KC. Upon getting the news, I was so frustrated till I argued with him. He has been a very good boss. He taught me a lot of things. He given me lots of freedom & trust. Moreover, he is very straight forwards & not long winded. While my boss-to-be, I just don't like to report to him. It doesn't mean he is not good but newly promoted manager will always act differently. You will never get the answer you want from him & he is very long...........winded.

My day was spoilt with this news plus the call I got last night. My mind is totally messy. I can't get the answer I wanted. So I spent my day shopping & coloring my hair. However, it was not an enjoyable one.

Life is so unpredictable sometimes. The more we hope for something, the highest our disappointment will be. So, just let things go naturally. I don't want to be an unhappier person.