It was a tiring day

Jun 18, 2007

Ee Ting called me about 11am after failed to get in touch with godzila. She was worried so I told her that I will dropped by Pantai to see if he is alright. While parking my car, I saw him. Looks like he was perfectly ok. I called Ee Ting. Guess what? Ee Ting told me that their house had a break-in at about 1030am. Since I couldn't do much, I decided to work in Pantai 1st. I went to check out with Angelina of his condition. She referred me to Dr. Lim. Dr. Lim told me that he was worried of the sedative effect that godzila had but godzila insisted that he needed to go back. I told Dr. Lim because his house had a break-in.

Gladys & I failed to see any drs so we went to godzila's house to check out the condition. Woo... the burglars are very strong I guess. They opened the auto gate, the inner gate & the wooden door. Oh oh... the alarm rang. So they were worried & didn't manage to take much things.

The repair men came. Then there is this neighbour who is 2 doors away from godzila's house asked us if they heard their alarm rang. Oh god. His house got break-in too. They burglars stolen his mum liquour. Hey it was few bottles of 30 years plus liqour le. There is wine there too but they didn't take it. Smart huh. Know what to choose.

Then also heard from Gladys's cousin who stay in the same garden too that her neighbour house also got break in too. It was happened at night. The burglar not only stolen all their things but can still enjoy themselves with beers & peanuts. So daring.

Anyway, our society isn't safe anymore. Many cases happened nowadays. We can only be alert & take good care of ourselves. Our police force? I have no comments.