Finally I Chose K800i

Jun 6, 2007

I've been considered for quite some times whether to purchase the k800i or k810i? Finally, with the infomartion I gathered from the web & also the concept store's owner, I decided to buy k800i. Why? Because I feel that the texting is not convenience in k810i. Besides, there is no additional features compared to the predecessor. I also felt that k800i looks more solid than k810i.

I got quite a good offer from this sony concept store. They accepted my k750i @ RM 400. So the final price that I'm paying is RM 1099 inclusive of the 1GB M2 card. It was RM 50 cheaper than Lilian's offer. Hmm... how come? I calculated it was RM 150 just now. Oh....... not much difference le. Wait.. let me check with lilian's sms again. It said that "ori with 1gb m2 card is RM 1400 & without is RM 1305." It's weird. Why the m2 card she quoted me is only RM 95 now? Before that, she told me it was RM 140.

Anyway, I've bought it already. So far, it is still very satisfying.


MBZ said...

its looks like a really good phone

Administracion said... Where are the picutres form? Try and Win!