Flame is here!

Jun 3, 2007

Flame travel all the way from KL to Melaka today. Unfortunately, she got stuck in Nilai. Both looked so exhausted when they reached BB's house. Ang is really so knowledgeble on CS stuffs. He shared with us lot of information. Flame is a very lucky dog. She was born in US & delivered in Korea. Parents wee the champion breeds. She was 2 years champion too. According to Ang, she is 100% free from cataract. When the time to say goodbye, Ang was so reluctant & he said that as if he is marrying his daughter away. Haha... funny guy.

Flame is afraid of Dino. Maybe Dino looks huge to her. She needs love & attention. Everyone in the family likes her a lot. Of course included me too. BB even brought her to our room to sleep. :-)

Can't wait to see her?