Delicious Dinner & Durian

Jun 30, 2007

We had a delicious dinner just now. The salmon we bought from JJ was a fresh & tasty one, especially when it was mixed with the wasabi powder. Then we also had the salted duck from Ipoh. It was quite nice as well. However, I still prefer the salted chicken. :)
After the filling dinner, aunty opened up the durians. Yummy Yummy....... Cheng Leng likes those sweet one & Suzanah prefer those hard one. Well, I eat anything. Haha... I was quite full but aunty kept opening it. I was thinking aunty couldn't be opened all the durians in the basket, right? Huh.. I'm wrong. She opened all of them. However, I still eaten all. Too tasty & I can't resist it! BB teased me "tam chiak" (greedy). :-P
Though my stomach burst, I enjoyed this meal very much.