We Had A Busy Morning!

Jan 8, 2008

While I was sleeping, I heard some noises. Sounded like somebody is shouting. Then I heard the phone rang and also the knock on our window. I thought my dad was drunk & couldn't opened the gate. So I woke my mum up.

Few minutes later, my mum told me that our neighbour's aunty wanna talk to us. Suddenly my mind told me that it might be a thief on the rooftop. We went out & realized that her husband was in hysteria. He shouted & screamed on & off. Since their children are working abroad, she has asked us to help her to calm him down. I do not think this is a good idea after all we are lady. So I offered to call ambulance for her.

I was quite pissed-off with our private hospital attitude. After telling his condition to the medical attendant, I was disappointed with their response. Firstly, the Ms 'M' told me that their one & only driver on-call has gone out for an emergency case. Wow... How could a medical center has one driver only? They told me that the driver will be back late. So it is best for me to call government hospital. The neighbour's aunty wanted her husband to admit to private hospital. So I call up another one, Mr. P. They were much better. They agreed to send the ambulance immediately. However, few minutes later, they called & told me that they do not have psychiatrist in the hospital. So again, please get the help from government hospital. Don't you think that they were too much? They gave all sort of excuses for not offering a single help.

I ended up calling Hospital Melaka. Great. Their service is superb. They reached my neighbour house in less than 10 minutes. My mum & I accompanied their 2 relatives (elderly aunty) to the hospital. The A&E doctor told me that the uncle blood glucose level was very low, about 2.7. They needed to examine him further. After the Ding Ding Dong Dong, it was about 4am already. I sent my mum back worried that she is tired.

Before leaving to work this morning, I sent the aunty to the hospital again. She wanted to transfer him out to private hospital. Moreover, there weren't any bed available. Later, she changed her mind & wanted to keep him there since his son couldn't came back in time. Luckily, I got the help from my doctor. He managed to put the uncle into his ward. Basically he explained that the abnormal behavior was due to his hypoglycemia. Besides, he has also very high blood pressure reading at 178/102. He also lost control in his urination. So my doctor suspected he has UTI but has oredered an urine culture for him. What a wonderful I have known.

His son is finally back. Hope they can take good care of him. Wishing you a speedy recovery, uncle.


Chinneeq said...

thank goodness your neighbour could count on you. Many told me over Melaka hospital now has got very good service, thanks to our "ex-minister", hahah!!!

JK said...

After my brother's case, I too find that government hospitals are better in term of service. Private hospitals are too money minded.

emilayusof said...

LiLi, you're so kind! Glad the uncle is okay now!

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Hi Chin Nee & Jo-N, I agreed that govt hosp has a better service than the private. Private drs are all abt $$$. Moreover, my friends that promote medical devices told me that the GH dr surgical skills are much much more better than the private due to their exposure to many type of cases.

Hi Emila, thanks. I just give my best help as I can. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a different case. My hubby was helping me to bring my mum to Penang GH for the past consecutive 4 days. He spent almost 4hours each day there just to wait for the queue. He almost burned out because GH lab told him that they have lost my mum's blood sample taken 2 days ago and here my hubby need to bring her again this morning. :(