The Active, Aggressive & Mischievous Child

Jan 19, 2008

Hi folks! How are you? Hope everyone of you are doing well. I was back from Shanghai last night. Pretty tired but enjoyed the trip very much, especially in Suzhou. Well, I'll blog about my trip later. I have a serious problem to solve now.

My nephew is in trouble. He attended his play school on last Monday. According to my SIL, he loves to go to school. But the most headache part is his teacher complained that he is too aggressive & mischievous. He bites & beats his classmates. Though the teachers & his father has punished him, he didn't seem to be afraid of. When Hubby B & I tried to teach him this morning, he still told us that he wants to beat his classmates. Woo.... I think this is really an serious issue. We gotta help him from such abnormal behavior. Any ideas from the mummy out there please?


zooropa said...

Hi Lili, welcome back! Waiting for ur posts abt Shanghai...BTW, my nephew is another naughty lil thing but he never bites ppl.

Dora:) said...

Well, we need to found out the root of the problem. Seat down talk to him, ask him why he want to do that. Get information from the child. Young child most of the time, they won't know how to create a story or lies, so they will tell the truth. From there you will know why he is behaving that way. Maybe he want attention?

IF parents still don't know what to do, there is a child counseling. Counselling through talking and ART therapy. See here:

Lovely Mummy said...

welcome to blogging world, waiting for ur nice photos...hehe

btw, regarding ur nephew, i heard my fren's kid also the same, bite and fight w his classmates. may be u can tell him that u will reward him something if u dont hear any complains from teachers. can have a try too.

Cheng Leng said...

Hi Lili, I'm guessing that his problem is with space.

Years ago, I learned in my Mass Comm class that human beings need space. If a friend were to stand extremely close to you while chatting, you will feel very fidgety and uncomfortable. You will probably move back a step or two.

Later, I learned from childcare class that little children also feel iritable when they have many classmates sitting or playing too near them even though they enjoy the game.

End up, they will bite, scratch and beat their classmates.

Yet when you ask them why they do it, they can't explain because they themselves don't know why at that moment, they feel so frustrated.

Emila Yusof said...

HI Lili, welcome back!

About your nephew, maybe the classmates teased or beat him, that's why he's behaving the way he did. A child will always be aggresive towards anybody who done the same thing to him.

JO-N said...

LiLi, firstly, is he hyperactive? I know of some kids who beat people and cannot sit still because they are hyperactive. If you are not sure, bring him to see a doctor to confirm it. Maybe he would need special school.

Anyway, he may not be hyperactive. If he is not hyperactive, then, have to teach him patiently that beating hurts and good boys don't beat.

JO-N said...

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