Delightful Birthday Celebration!

Sep 20, 2009

We celebrated Cheng Leng's birthday & engagement last night. I hope we can celebrate for her every year if it is allowed to. Hey sis, remember to come back home often after you are married ya. :-)

Hubby B has prepared some finger food for her lovely sister & the rest of the family members as well.

Toast crackers with smoked salmon!

Hams that going to serve with rock melon.

Berries Crepe Cake from Nadeje.

She has turned to 30, a wonderful start for a soon-to-be bride.

A family photo of us. Jun Liang has also joined us for the celebration!

Hey Sis, we missed your smile when Nic proposed to you le!

We had a wonderful celebration and hope Cheng Leng too! Wishing you Happy Belated Birthday once again.

Thanks to our photographer, PaPa! Great shots!

Do We Deserve A Thank You Note From Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad?

Jul 22, 2009

Everyone knows that The Loaf is owned by Tun Dr. Mahathir but not many knew that it has opened another branch in Pavilion KL. During the last week Liver Update Meeting in One World Hotel, our team has decided to give out Mini-U-Hu-Hu (Cheese Cup Cake) to all the participants who visited out booth.

The cakes are freshly baked and sent to us every morning. They were nicely packed in a box though some were crushed during the transfer. However, they are kind enough to replace to us. Good job!

We served the participants with difference flavour of U-Hu-Hu each day & the response was overwhelming! Wanna make a guess which is the best seller among the rest? It is the Durian U-Hu-Hu. Thanks to the chef's creative idea to cultivate our local favourite into the cake. So yummy-licious!

This should be our last team photo (aiya.... Datin Rachel was missed out here) as our company is ended the operation soon. Miss those moments in the company! Sigh........ Hey Tun, why don't give a scrumptious farewell dinner at The Loaf, Pavilion? :P

Bad Services from Honda

Jun 17, 2009

Honda cars are selling like hot cakes nowadays, especially City and Civic. We don't deny that their design is so much nicer compared to the rest of the competitors in the market. Hence, we are also one of their recent buyer for Civic.

Personally, this is my first time dealing with Honda. I was happy with my previous deal with Toyota and the sales person provided excellent services. So, I expect to get almost the same service from Honda and if not, a better one compared to Toyota. Why? Because I'm dealing with my cousin! However, it was sad to say that the service is totally lousy.

From the day we confirmed our booking via a deposit of 3k, we were told that we will be getting the car in a month time. Fine! That was why we chose Civic rather than City. A week before the arrival date, I called to follow up the status. Then I have been told that there will be a delay of 2 weeks in delivering our car. What? The SP did not even bother to inform their client about the delay! We have no choice but to accept the fact.

Secondly, I told the SP to book the numbers that I wanted. No calls from the SP for 2 days. So I thought their runner has successfully booked the numbers for us. Anyway, I made the effort to call up again to check. Again, the SP told me that the number has been taken by somebody else. I was so pissed off. Who shall be responsible for this? JPJ, the runner or the SP? God knows!

1.5 weeks before getting the car, the SP informed me that we will be getting our car on the 15th. So I went to pay for the balance of down payment just a week before getting the car. Upon getting the receipt, I reconfirmed with the SP that we will get the car as per the date committed. Oh my........ guess what he said? "Yes, the car will be arrived on 15th but need to register with JPJ. So the fastest I can collect the car is on 16th." OK. I can't do much but to accept it.

On 16th morning, I messaged the SP to confirm the time to collect my car. He replied that maybe I can collect my car on 16th evening and if not, 17th. When I saw his reply, I could felt that my heart is boiling till the max! So coincidentally, my Hubby also could not stand their non-commit attitude anymore! He lodged an official complaint to Honda HQ. Again, the HQ was playing "Tai Chi" & pushed the responsibility to their dealer.

This morning, I text the SP that I will collect my car at 1030. To my surprise, he told me that road tax is not issued yet. Logically, it will not take too long to issue a road tax. So I got my friend to send me down to Honda 45 mins later. I called him that I have arrived & as expected, he answered me that I can only get the car by 4pm. Does it need to take a day for road tax issuance? Then he said that the car has to go JPJ for registration and also they need to fix my car plate too. Hey I thought the JPJ registration was supposed to be done yesterday? For the car plate, why can't they fix it on the 15th or 16th? Why they have to rush till the last minute? Anyway, we have totally given them up. I only managed to collect the car by 545pm. Delay again!

Frankly speaking, we're totally disappointed with the services provided by Honda. If you take the times to google, many owners out there have complained about their poor services; be it the sales services or the after car sales services. A piece of advice that we wanna give to Honda. Please do not behave so arrogant just because your cars are on hot demand. You are in the service industry. So please count on the days you can survive with such attitudes! For sure, Honda is never in our reccomendation list anymore!

Quality Times

Jun 7, 2009

Last 2 weeks, Hubby and I spent some quality times together. He suggested to cook steak for dinner. I only contributed to the side dishes, which were grilled corn and boiled baby carrots.

This premier corn was bought from Jusco. RM 3.50. I grilled it with the husk on. I applied some olive oil, cayenne pepper & salt on it. Super yummy!

Hubby B marinated the beef in the afternoon. So he did the grill job after he was back from his football.

Our job done! It is dinner time!

See this medium rare done steak! I love it but BB only allowed me to take 2 or 3 bites only!

Haha... we finished all the food. Yummy yummy!

Lok Lok

Apr 12, 2009

We can only get this type of Lok Lok's van in the Klang Valley. Malacca's Lok Lok (satay celup) is a different version one. Anyway, I love both.

We were hunting for dinner on Tues. When we passed by the Melaka Raya area, we saw this van. BB knows that I love Lok Lok. So he suggested to have our dinner there. Hmmm..... eating in the street?? Don't we look "tam chiak" (greedy)? Is this enough for our dinner? I was a bit hesitate initially. However, we went for it finally.

Lok Lok's van offers a variety of food skewered on sticks with pots of boiling water and 3 types of sauce (sweet sauce, chili & satay sauce). Watch out for the chili and satay sauce! They are pretty spicy. Besides, they also grill and deep fried your food if you want to. We have just a few sticks and it costs us RM 18. It is quite expensive for Malacca's standard.

Overall, the food is quite nice and they are fresh. If you want to hold a party at home, please do not hesitate to contact them. They can drive to your home for a Lok Lok party.

Express Steamboat Enterprise

No.5-G Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/11,

Taman Kota Laksamana,

75200 Melaka.

+6016 981 9828

I'm sorry, my precious Kai Jun!

I supposed to blog about my dinner with Hubby B at Elcerdo KL but my precious nephew, Kai Jun has placed a much more important role at this moment. I decided to blog about him after seeing the video clip that my SIL sent it to me.

I must admit that I was a little too harsh on him last Tues. It happened when he asked me a question.

"Ku Ku, spell your name!"

After I spelt my name to him, I got him to spell his name to me.

"Kai Jun."

"What about your surname?"

He looked at me innocently. I raised up my tone.

"You do not know your surname?"

Fine. I wrote on his book and wanted him to read alphabet by alphabet - LOH KAI JUN.

I made a condition to him that if he failed to read out his full name (without looking at the book), then he could not play the games in my iPhone already.

He read few times. Sometimes serious and sometimes playful. When I asked if he is ready for the challenge, he knodded his head.


"Your surname? The first word in your name!"

He requested to look at the book again. Fine. Last chance and I told him to call me when he is prepared.

Again! "KAI JUN."

"Hey what is your surname? Gong Gong, PaPa, KuKu, SuSu & Lucas has it too."

He turned to my mum, his grandma to seek for help.

"Don't look at Ah Ma. She can't help you. Fine. No more iPhone for you!"

Suddenly, he cried out loud. He told me that he don't know! I scolded him. At the end, he slept with his tears and his milk bottle. I checked with his mum and realised that she has never taught him his surname before. Oops.... I have misunderstood him. I thought that he was taught before. I felt so bad after the incident.

I felt even hurt when I watched the clip just now. He is a smart boy. At his age - 3.5 years old, he can read a short story book.

"This is Brownie.
Brownie is a dog.
This is my dog.
I like my dog.
I like Brownie.

Oh No! (with full expression)

I like Brownie.
I like the dog but ........."

He pointed and read word by word. I wish that I could share the clip here but I failed to save it because of the programe problem. I feel terribly hurt with what I have done to him. I know that he doesn't blame me but I just like to apologise to him.

"I'm sorry, my precious!"

It is not easy raising up a child. Though I'm expecting now, I know that it is not going to be an easy journey. Throughout this journey, I'm sure that we will face lot of challenges & disappointment. It depends on how we shower our children with our love and patience. I might not be a good mother but I will try my best to learn and understand their needs.

Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Apr 11, 2009

Since BB knew that I was upset with the snake incident, he has invited me along to his trip to KL.

We decided to go to Elcerdo KL for dinner. This is a Spanish restaurant that served pork, pork and pork. I love pork, especially suckling pig. Since they are famous with that dish, we are definitely going to order half of it to try.

We parked our car at Pavilion KL. Since we do not really know where the restaurant is situated, we left the mall early. We walked for quite a distance. I have started to complain to BB that my foot are sore & I'm tired. We called up Kelvin for direction and we asked around too. Finally we found the place.

The ambiance there is nice. If you look around, you will notice that most of the tables are sure to order their specialty, suckling pig. We ordered a half suckling pig and also the highly recommended appetizer, air dried ham served with rock melon by Kelvin.

The ham is superb. We can't describe how tasty it is but it melted as soon as you put it into your mouth. We fall in love with it. The next day, we tried to look for this ham from most of the supermarket but sad to say that our mission failed. :(

Here come the suckling pig. It was pretty big portion for the 2 of us. Never mind la. Who care? Before it was cut, there is a small ceremony to be carried up. The waiter will ask the guest to participate in this "wish comes true" ceremony. So I was the honored one! I was given a plate. The waiter taught me to hold the plate and knock 3 times on the wooden chopping board where the roasted pig is served. Then I was asked to make a wish. Hehe... greedy me has made 2 wishes instead of 1. The waiter started the first chop with her plate. Then I followed with the 2 chops on the suckling pig's stomach. Once done, I have to break the plate as it symbolizes that my wish will come true. Everyone in the restaurant clapped. Haha... I felt great!

The pig was taken back to the kitchen for the rest of the chopping. The taste was plain and normal. So you must eat with the sauce that came with it. We concluded that the Chinese style suckling piglet is still the best. It is well marinated and meat is thin and crispy. Slurp slurp.....

We tried the Werner's Special dessert. Since our stomach has reached out the maximum capacity, we have requested the waiter to split the one portion dessert to two glasses. The wild raspberry sherbet is sour to me. But as you eat, you will get the slightly bitter chocolate which was hidden at the bottom of the glass.

The waiter served us 2 glasses of complimentary shot of lime juice, white wine and vodka upon asking for the bill. Since I can't drink, BB has drank it on my behalf. BB told me that the drink was refreshing & it is good for digestion after those oily food.

Well, the bill came up to be RM 300 for just the 2 of us. Hubby B, thank you for this scrumptious dinner.

Nyonya Style Popiah

Mar 29, 2009

In conjunction to Qing Ming, mum has cooked my favourite Nyonya Popiah for the prayer to our ancestors. This dish looks simple but in actual fact, the preparation is not an easy one. Lets see what are the ingredients needed.

The making of the Popiah skin (crepe). You need lots of patience when making this crepe. Haha... Only my Mum has this patience to do so. That's why I always appreciate her efforts in making this skin - Just for me! Thanks Mi!

The sweet sauce which was gotten from the market. The actual Nyonya sweet sauce supposed to be steam version. I recalled my auntie did it before.

The garlic chili.

The shredded turnip / Yam Beans which fried with minced pork and prawns.

The lettuce & coriander leaves.

Shredded cucumber.

Beansprouts. I remembered that when I was young, my grandmother asked me to tail the beansprouts whenever they wanna make Popiah. I disliked this assigned task because it was boring!

The finely cut omelettes.

The fishcake.

All ingredients are ready to be assembled.

See! My nicely wrapped Popiah! I can't wait to put you into my mouth! Muahaha...

It is so juicy and delicious! I had a total of 6 popiah for today! BB said our baby must be complaining inside the womb. Haha...

Mum, thanks a lot in making this Nyonya Popiah for me.

Dad's 60th Birthday

Mar 4, 2009

Dad's birthday falls on Tuesday, 24th Feb. Due to it is a working day, we have planned for early celebration on 22nd Feb. We chose to have the steamboat at Golden Mansion Restaurant because it is Dad's favourite.

He enjoyed his crab stick so much. This is his favourite food now.

A chocolate cake from Singapore. Thanks to my MIL for sponsoring this cake. Hehe...

A picture of all the elderly. :P

Daddy and I. He is thin now. He will be going for his CABG surgery on 28th August. Hope everything will be fine and I sincerely wish him to have a strong and healthy body.

This are the young generation! Why is PoPo sitting so far away?

Happy Birthday, Daddy!