My Birthday with Friends

Aug 17, 2008

I took a day off for my birthday. I went to settle quite a number of things before meeting up my friends for lunch. We had it at Eastern Creative Melaka Raya (directly opposite Secret Recipe Melaka Raya).

My healthy salad. Highly recommended!

Another healthy fruit juice of mine - Dragon Fruit Juice.

Liza's Tom Yam Mee Hun.

Cheong & Gladys's set. Looks good right?

Chloe's Salmon Fried Rice. One of my recommendation as well.

Sam & Sharine's Fried Soba.

Sharine & Gladys, the 2 newly mums was seeking advices from the 2 aunties on the right.

Precious group photo with everyone in but the waitress spoilt it.

Group photo without Liza.

Group photo without Sam.

Jewelry box from my buddies (Gladys, Sharine, Cheong, Liza, Chloe & Kelvin). Thanks buddies. Do I have so much jewelry to store inside this box??

Thoughtful SIL, Cheng Leng has also gave me this Avene moisturizing mask.

Another gift from my future SIL?? Hahaha...... guess too much teasing from the floor already. Thanks Sam for the lovely gown jewelry stand.

Anyway, I had a great birthday celebration with all my buddies. Thank you to you all once again.

8 comments: said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

cbenc12 said...

wah i love the jewerly box! so lovely~~ and also the gown jewerly stand.. so nice~!

keeyit said...

So nice can have the birthday celebration with family and friends.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wow, great food with great peoples! perfect combination! :)

Happy Belated Birthday, steph!

oh btw! i've got a tag for you! come & get it!! :)

Tak Feng and Li Li said...

Thanks Jean. Will get the tag a.s.a.p.

Lovely Mummy said...

happy belated birthday, lili

Mummy to QiQi said...

seems like melaka got so many good makan place now. really miss melaka food like mee siam where i cannot find here. so long din go back liao, hope to see u again, new bride!

TH said...

love to see the food.